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Great tunes with a great message

Vegans are everywhere these days and the music industry is no exception. In fact, it's not even a recent thing, vegans have been sharing their message through song for as long as there have been vegans...and songs. 😃

In today's blog I've included links to a few of my favorites, of course, there are many more vegan artists and vegan lyrics, post some of your favorites in the comments below.

Gojira is first up with their song Silvera. In an interview Joe once shared his belief that "it’s going to be normal soon to be vegan I hope. It’s not just a trend, it’s a movement, it’s a revolution." He and the band do not shy away from writing songs that address the suffering of animals, the planet, and its people. You can't go wrong with any Gojira song, but I've included Silvera here as one of the lyrics is a simple reminder that we can all make the world a better place. "When you change yourself, you change the world."

Rise Against is up next with Ready to Fall. Often called "the most important video we've ever done" by the band, this video is a stark reminder of the death and destruction humans leave in our path.

"...When I got into animal rights and stopped eating meat 25 years ago, the idea of the meat industry causing pandemics was not even something on a lot of people's radar. As soon as someone told me we don't need to eat meat to survive and that we just choose to, and it's going to lead to a lot of suffering and a lot of environmental damage, then it just seemed like a no-brainer to me, and I never looked back.

It's one of those things where I wake up every day and I don't see what I do as hard or compromised or a sacrifice that I make. I see this as very easy and common sense. I'm not a martyr. I eat great food and I've never missed it a day in my life." - Tim McIlrath, lead singer

Heaven Shall Burn, formed in 1997, like Gojira, don't shy away from pointing out where humans are failing themselves and the planet. They don't stop at just singing about making the world a better place, check out the deluxe bundle for their latest release

I've included their song Voice for The Voiceless here. I love this lyric:

"On the edge of a new age this is still our dogma

No grave for millions - tortured creatures,

But a common grave for our morals

This slaughter an ethic I deny

An archaic way of thinking, so monstrous and absurd"

Finally, I'll highlight the punk band, Goldfinger. Formed in 1994, lead singer John Feldmann went vegan in the early 2000's. He has attributed this shift to watching the movie Babe and realizing they had trained a pig to do a lot of things a dog could do. He couldn't eat a dog, how could he continue to eat pigs or any other animal? Check out their song "Open your eyes"

There are no women on this list, so here is one of my favorite vegan musicians to follow on Instagram, bassist Tanya O'Callaghan.

Who are some of your vegan musicians? I want to hear about all genres and some bands who aren't all men! 😃

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