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Rabbits, Easter, Candy...

If you caught my Fireside Chat episode last week, you know I talked about why gifting bunnies for Easter is a bad idea and what you can give the children in your life instead.

Here's a recap:

  • Children may be excited about a bunny at first, but, as children often do, they typically move on to whatever new thing shows up in their lives next, especially if the next gift carries less responsibility

  • A loud, rambunctious home is not an ideal environment for rabbits, they frighten very easily and constant noise can make them very nervous

  • Rabbits cannot be handled or played with the way a dog or even some cats can and even well-meaning children can be too rough for these delicate creatures

  • 4 out of 5 rabbits given as gifts don't make it to their first birthday - despite the expected life span of 10-12 years. They are often neglected or "let go" (P.S. domesticated rabbits cannot live in the wild, they are not the same as wild rabbits.)

  • Rabbits belong in the home as a member of the family, not outside in a cage. Rabbits kept outdoors can suffer from predator attacks or even die of fright when approached by a predator while locked in a cage.

  • Rabbits make incredible companions but you have to be prepared to give them a proper home, appropriate space to run, jump, play, proper veterinary care, and you and your family have to know how to properly interact (including how to safely pick up the rabbit when needed.)

What can you give instead?

  • Vegan chocolate rabbits! Check out NoWhey Chocolates, I love everything I've tried of theirs and they ship around the country so if you aren't local, no problem! (This is not a paid advertisement, I just really love their stuff!)

  • Stuffed bunnies, perfect for extra tight squeezes

  • Donate what you would have spent on buying a rabbit to your local rabbit rescue (never buy your companions by the way, there are plenty of animals in shelters waiting for loving homes)

What if I am a reasonably responsible adult who would like to give a rabbit a loving home? After you've done your research, reach out to your local rabbit rescue to inquire about fostering, it will provide you the opportunity to see if you and a bunny are a good fit.

Check out the full Fireside Chat episode here.

Share your favorite vegan holiday candy in the comments below!

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2 comentários

04 de abr. de 2022

Kimberly, thanks for all these pointers! I've always thought gifting live animals is potentially cruel, and you've clarified that. Thanks!


04 de abr. de 2022

Kimberly...thanks for the PSA on behalf of Easter animals. I know you're only referring to rabbits but baby chicks often suffer the same fate and are treated as disposable. I have never liked the idea of these little creatures being given as Easter pets.

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