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Word of the Year

For a few years now, I have been choosing a word to guide me through the year. Though this word has technically been in place since 10/31 for the Witches' New Year, I want to bring it up again as so many people are using the new calendar year to get going with something new or different in their lives or business.

Last year, I spent a lot of time coming up with new ideas followed by no one signing up or me simply just getting bored with it. I feel a lot like the dog in the movie Up when a squirrel runs by....

So, that has led me to choose my word to this year. This word, as you saw at the top of the blog, is commit. I am committing to you and Did You Bring the Hummus in two major ways.

  1. Through my podcast and guided group options, helping my clients achieve a vegan lifestyle in a personalized manner. We don't all switch to veganism overnight (though some do) and we need to understand the best way that works for us so it remains something we can maintain and feel passionate about each day.

  2. Through my energy work via Healing Circles. Twice a month we get together to tune in, check in, and zen out. It's good stuff.

Having this narrow focus will allow me to hone in on what's working, what my audience truly needs, where I can improve, and what needs to change. It also makes it a lot easier for people to understand what I do and how I can help them. I'm now the vegan lady who guides people to veganism and runs healing circles. Simple, one sentence description (which needs work, but I think you see where I'm going with this.)

What's Your Word?

Have you chosen a word that will provide you a bit of a guidepost for decisions to help you meet a goal or goals in 2023?

Struggling to choose a word? Grab some paper, something to write with, and a timer. Sit somewhere you can comfortably get lost in thought and write.

  • Take 3 deep breaths

  • Start to think about what came up for you in 2022, where you felt accomplished, where you felt you fell short, moments in between - write these things out, go short-hand though, don't get too wound up in the story. Set the timer, give yourself 5 minutes.

  • Circle words that stand out, that speak to a lesson you learned or something significant. Think about what you would like to see in your life in 2023.

  • You may wish to set the timer again and just sit in silence allowing the word to come to you

  • Don't give up if nothing comes to you right away, let it go and allow the guidance to come in when ready. When the word comes to you, you'll know

What's your word? How will it guide you over the course of the year? Tell me in the comments below!


Have you decided to go vegan this month? Maybe you're thinking about it but feel overwhelmed by the idea? Start here, with my blog on taking tiny steps that add up. I also encourage you to check out Veganuary and sign up for my supplemental group program, Jump into January with Veganuary, both are free and will really set you up for success.

Did You Bring the Hummus podcast has returned for Season 3! If you're loving it and would like to connect with other fans and me, join my free Facebook group for fans of the show.

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