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Healing Circle

A bi-monthly gathering for meditation, transformation, and self-discovery

  • 22 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Let's tune into the vibration of the planet and set a new path for ourselves.  When we help and heal ourselves, this ripples out to those in our lives and beyond. Join me for an evening of meditation, visualization, and self-discovery. Each session will include an oracle card pull for each attendee, a brief spiritual talk, which may be around the moon cycle, holiday, or other significant event or occurrence, followed by meditation, visualization, closing with distance angelic reiki to help you process all you have received. ​We take some time to journal and sit with what has come up. Those who wish to share their experiences, questions, and anything that came up are welcome to at various points in the session. ​ ***Please note, sessions are not always on the same day of the week as they are scheduled on or around various holidays, equinoxes, or moon cycles. *** Energy Exchange: $22/session ​  Upcoming 2022 Dates, all times are Eastern timezone: Tuesday, March 22, 7pm Saturday, April 16, 7pm Tuesday, 4/19, 7:30pm (Bonus circle!) Monday, May 16, 8pm Tuesday, June 28, 8pm Tuesday, July 12, 8pm Monday, August 1, 8pm Sunday, September 11, 8pm Tuesday, September 20, 8pm - Mabon Circle! Sunday, October 9, 8pm Sunday, October 30, 8pm - Let's get ready for Samhain!! Tuesday, November 8, 8pm Tuesday, November 22, 8pm Tuesday, December 7, 8pm Wednesday, December 20, 8pm - Celebrating Yule (scheduled the day before so you may celebrate as you wish on the day)

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Classes and sessions must be canceled 24 hours in advance, cancelations within less than 24 hours will not be refunded.

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New Jersey, USA