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Welcome to Did You Bring the Hummus?

Hi! I'm Kimberly, your Vegan Guide. I went vegan more than 7 years ago, vegetarian over 20 years ago. I am the creator, host, and executive producer of the podcast Did You Bring the Hummus? Did You Bring the Hummus is a podcast to help you go vegan. The show includes both informational episodes and interviews. The Did You Bring the Hummus mission is to inspire people to go vegan through thoughtful and judgment-free conversation. I believe that love can truly transform the world and, to me, there is nothing more loving than a vegan lifestyle.

I have recently completed both Angelic Reiki training and achieved my Certified Angel Guide certificate. I am always learning and am inspired to keep finding new approaches and modalities to help my clients change their lives. I use these skills and more twice a month in my virtual Healing Circle sessions. 

While it might seem like I am doing a lot of things, I really do one thing, I help you go and stay vegan. 

Finding your why is the key to going and staying vegan. Through various practices and conversations, we uncover your why. Establishing a solid foundation upon which you will build your dream vegan life. 


I had always been sensitive to the plight of animals but didn't really eat vegetables, so going vegetarian or even vegan wasn't something I had truly explored. Until I read an issue of PETA's Animal Times magazine, I was instantly vegetarian. You can hear more about my story in episode 1, Veganism ,what is it and who is this host?

I am a certified professional coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, reiki practitioner, crystal healer, and vegan chef in training. I love sharing my story with others, swapping vegan recipes, and exploring all things about a beautiful vegan life. I am currently Immediate Past President of my Toastmasters club with the long-term goal of becoming an Accredited Speaker. I am available for speaking gigs, click here to book a call to discuss.


In my free time, I am learning French, studying oracle card reading, and working on my annual book reading goal (this year's goal is 40). I live in New Jersey with my husband and 3 cats.  

My commitments:

To my clients:

I am committed to helping my clients change their lives through uncovering and understanding their values and how to live in alignment with those values every day. 

To my industry:

I am committed to protecting human and other-than human animals who are abused in the food, medical, and entertainment industries through vegan education, changing hearts and minds whenever I can.

To the world:

I am committed to creating a safe space for all beings to not just exist but to live in their "-ness" every day. By leading with love, we change the world with every interaction we have. 

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