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Vegan Hospitality Consulting

Table settings at a restaurant

What is Vegan Hospitality Consulting?

As a Vegan Hospitality Consultant, I empower Owners, General Managers, Chefs, Guest Reps, and Servers to “wow” guests with exciting vegan options, creating an inclusive environment customers will return to again and again. 

As your Vegan Hospitality Consultant, I am with you and your staff from menu assessment through new menu launch. Between those milestones, we work together to understand what the vegan guest is expecting and how to best meet their needs, recipe development, training for both Back and Front of House, and menu updates/tastings. I'm with you for the menu launch where we'll engage with local groups and media to ensure people know about your incredible new menu and they are excited to experience it.

Why am I a Vegan Hospitality Consultant?

I love food. I love being vegan. My favorite job ever was working at the front desk of an extended stay hotel. As a Vegan Hospitality Consultant I get to marry all of those things while running a business that aligns with my core values. Inclusivity matters to me, by working within the hospitality industry, I can help others feel seen and valued in every day moments. From group dinners, to quick stops at a coffee shop, to toiletries in the room on vacation, everyone can enjoy themselves without compromising on quality, the experience, or their ethics.  

Want to know more about me? Click the About Me button below. 

Who do I work with?

I work with restaurants, hotels, and resorts who are ready to create a more inclusive environment while earning their establishment more money.

You might be thinking, I don't think we need that at my restaurant, no one ever asks for vegan options. I'd hate to waste the time and money on something no one is asking for. 

I'll tell you, the reason no one is asking for vegan options is because vegans aren't coming and they're keeping their non-vegan friends and family from stopping in too when they're dining out together. This is called the Veto Vote*. Vegans constantly scope out menus ahead of time to ensure they will be able to eat and to get an idea of how they might need to modify available options. It's a terrible experience for all involved from the vegan guest to the server to the kitchen when a vegan attempts to eat somewhere that doesn't understand and can't accommodate them, so, they simply find somewhere else to eat, taking their non-vegan counterparts with them. 

What is the Veto Vote*?

The Veto Vote means the vegan chooses where a group (large or small) dines or vacations. Gone are the days of the vegan eating french fries and a dry salad while everyone else fills up on apps, entrees, and desserts, there are enough options out there where the vegan can confidently tell their group "I can't eat anything here, let's go somewhere else." Each time a vegan sees your menu without vegan options you're missing out on serving the vegan and their group.  

Are you curious about how I can help you create a more inclusive environment, fulfill your mission of caring for others through food, and make more money?

Fill out the form via the button below to be considered for a free Strategy Session. In this session, you'll learn a few tips that you can implement right now to begin bringing in vegan guests, you'll also leave the session with a good understanding of how I can help you and where you may be able to implement changes on your own. 

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