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By joining my mailing list, you'll receive dairy substitutes list, an intro to veganism webinar, or a PDF of 3 simple and very tasty recipes. Take your pick below!

Free dairy substitutions PDF - Join my mailing list for access!

An Intro to Veganism Webinar - Join my mailing list for access!

Get your 3 simple vegan recipes now! Recipes for Chocolate chip cookies, how to build a bowl, and vegan chick'n parm!

Free, private Facebook group for fans of Did You Bring the Hummus. Whether you're just starting to explore veganism or have been vegan for decades, this is a safe space to come together, discuss all things vegan, make some new friends, and connect with me. 

But wait, there's more! You also get my semi-regular newsletters (I'm working on being more consistent), which include recipes, thoughts on veganism, updates on what's happening in the vegan world, links directly to new podcast episodes, and updates on new offerings before anyone else. 

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