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Child-Free, Life Full

A community celebrating a child-free life

  • Are you child-free by choice?

  • Are you seeking a community where you don't need to explain that choice?

  • Do you want to make deep connections with other child-free people?

If so, Child-Free, Life Full is the online place for you! This new community is open now, join me for our first get together on Zoom, details below!

Support Group
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Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Time: 8:00pm ET

In this community you will find...


Presented by Kimberly Winters, 
fellow child-free by choice person

In Kimberly's words:

I grew up knowing motherhood was not my path, despite the countless people who told me that I should "just wait and see" because "you never know." Briefly after marrying my husband, JP, we discussed the possibility of having a kid and gave it a try. When it didn't work and IVF was suggested as the only possibility at getting pregnant, we took a step back and asked "what are we doing?" We knew IVF was not the path for us and we got really honest with ourselves. I didn't want to be mom to a human, I wanted something different. JP and I made the choice to be child-free. 

I created this group because, selfishly, I want more child-free people in my life and my guess is, since you're here, that you want that too. 

About your host:

Kimberly holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religion and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a Reiki practitioner, and Certified Crystal Energy Guide. She has a great passion for the cats who rule her home, public speaking, reading books, and learning new things. All of which she can easily make time for, being child-free 😉

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