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Who Are We


The Did You Bring the Hummus Community is almost here and I want you to experience it first-hand before signing up!


That's why I'm holding a special 3 night Launch Party from August 11 - 13th, where we'll meet in a private Facebook group for a live session each evening as well as daily interaction within the group over those 3 days. There will be activities in which to participate and you'll get to experience what this community can be (including a never before offered FREE Healing Circle on night 1!).


Here's what to expect:

Live Sessions in the Facebook group each evening at 7pm ET - recordings will post right in the group so if you can't make it live you can still participate. Meditations, journaling, and questions will be posted in the group each day. I encourage you to participate by commenting and creating your own posts. 

So, what is this Did You Bring the Hummus Community anyway? As we journey through the process together, I will encourage suggestions and input from members and we will build it together. As a Founding Member, you'll be part of helping me create the Community itself, it will be what we all need in that moment and it will grow as we grow together.  

Here's what it looks like so far:

  • Two Healing Circles per Month via Zoom

  • Vegan focused - You don't have to be vegan to join the community, you just need a healthy dose of curiosity and a willingness to try new things

  • Guest Speakers - on various topics including but not limited to - meditation, veganism ( as a philosophy, from a nutrition perspective, and tips & tricks) the energy of food, reiki, sound baths, moon cycles, crystals, oracle cards, yoga, things wild, weird, and witchy...etc.

  • Private Community

  • Regular online interaction with Kimberly!

  • Early and/or discounted access to all things DYBTH

Sign up below to join the Launch Party! You'll get to experience the benefits of being a member of an online compassion filled community before signing up!


Get Ready to Rock!

and by that I mean, sign up and get access to the Did You Bring the Hummus Community Launch Party!

You're In!!

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