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Why are you doing that?

A Free Webinar to help you understand the vegan in your life

  • Did your teenager recently declare they're going vegan?

  • Is your significant other talking about going vegan?

  • Do you have a friend who's made the switch?

  • Do you have a genuine curiosity about why people go vegan?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you! Over this one hour session I will share with you the common reasons people go vegan, potential changes in this person, how you can interact in a way that fosters the relationship, and more. 

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In this webinar you will learn...


Presented by Kimberly Winters, 
Founder & Creator at Did You Bring the Hummus LLC

About Your Host: 

Kimberly went vegetarian in July 2001 after reading an issue of PETA's Animal Times Magazine which mysteriously showed up in her mailbox. She's now been vegan for about 7 years. Veganism is at the core of who Kimberly is and her greatest passion is sharing her knowledge and experience around this important and life-changing topic. 

Kimberly holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religion and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a Reiki practitioner, and Certified Crystal Energy Guide.

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Love ice cream?! Me too! You don't have to stop eating this delicious treat! This one is from a local place, vegan options are everywhere these days!

Vegan Ice Cream
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