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Jump into January
with Veganuary!


Get additional support for the biggest vegan month of the year!

  • Are you signed up for Veganuary but feel overwhelmed by the information or the size of the Facebook group?

  • Are you concerned that you might fail because you need more personalized support?

  • Are you looking to connect one on one and in small groups to discuss what you're learning and the changes you're making?

  • Are you determined to meet your Veganuary goals and want accountability?

These (and more) are all great reasons to sign up for my FREE small group program for Veganuary.  

Vegan Sandwich

Through this program you will learn


Led by Kimberly Winters, 
Founder & Creator at Did You Bring the Hummus LLC

About Your Guide: 

Kimberly went vegetarian in July 2001 after reading an issue of PETA's Animal Times Magazine which mysteriously showed up in her mailbox. She's now been vegan for about 7 years. Veganism is at the core of who Kimberly is and her greatest passion is sharing her knowledge and experience around this important and life-changing topic. 

Kimberly holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religion and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a Reiki practitioner, and Certified Crystal Energy Guide.

Online work meeting

Meetings: Each Tuesday in January via Zoom

Time: 8:00pm EST

This program is free but you must be registered to participate (this program is not linked to the official Veganuary offering, signing up for one does not sign you up for the other.)

Vegan Burger

Why free and why now?

In honor of Veganuary, a beautiful movement that is bringing veganism to the masses, I want to share my knowledge and experience in the best way I know how - by bringing together small groups of interested people who need some extra coaching and support as they learn and grow in this beautiful vegan space. 

That sounds nice, but, what do I get if I sign up?

  • Five 1 hour group Zoom calls (every Tuesday in January)

  • Online Journal to track your progress, capture your thoughts, and save your favorite recipes and products

  • Support from a coach with 20+ years veg experience who has been where you are and has since made it her life's work to help others make this same meaningful shift

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Do you love sandwiches?! Me too!! I thought when I went vegan I would never have a good sandwich again, thankfully, I could not have been more wrong!!


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