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Monthly Meditation

Join me each month for an evening of meditation and self-discovery. 

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Let's tune into the vibration of the planet and set a new path for ourselves. 
When we help and heal ourselves, this ripples out to those in our lives and beyond. 

Each month will include a brief spiritual talk, this may be around the moon cycle, holiday, or other significant event or occurrence. 


We invite in our guides, angels, ancestors...etc. a

meditate, pull cards, engage in a powerful visualization practice, take some time to journal, and share our experiences, questions, and anything that came up. It will be an evening full of energy as well as mental and emotional shifts. A meditation to connect to the Ascended Master who comes up for you on the call will be shared via email after the event. If you've been looking for inspiration to change your perspective and anything else that is important in your life, this is the event for you.

Time: 7pm Eastern

Energy Exchange: $22


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