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Veganize It!
An Intro to Veganism

A Free Webinar on All Things Vegan

  • Are you curious about veganism?

  • Are you concerned that going vegan means only eating salads or foods you find bland or boring?

  • Do you have a vegan in your life who you are trying to understand better?

  • Do you know that veganism is more than simply not eating animals but you need more information?

Whatever the reason is that motivates you to check this out, this webinar is to be chock full of info, get access now!

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In this webinar you will learn...


Presented by Kimberly Winters, 
Founder & Creator at Did You Bring the Hummus LLC

About Your Host: 

Kimberly went vegetarian in July 2001 after reading an issue of PETA's Animal Times Magazine which mysteriously showed up in her mailbox. She's now been vegan for about 7 years. Veganism is at the core of who Kimberly is and her greatest passion is sharing her knowledge and experience around this important and life-changing topic. 

Kimberly holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religion and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a Reiki practitioner, and Certified Crystal Energy Guide.

I want to learn more about veganism!
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Love ice cream?! Me too! You don't have to stop eating this delicious treat! This one is from a local place, vegan options are everywhere these days!

Vegan Ice Cream
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