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Featured On: The Confident Vegan

I was recently privileged to join Jennifer Shlomovich of The Confident Vegan. Jennifer is on a mission to help vegans feel comfortable and confident in social situations and in their choices as a vegan, even if those around you aren't as supportive as you'd like them to be.

Jennifer is a confidence coach and a content creator, you can find her on YouTube at The Confident Vegan. That's where she and I recently met up.

In this episode we cover:

  • our vegan journeys

  • the inspiration behind Did You Bring The Hummus

  • how to become vegan, even when you don't like vegetables or know how to cook

  • ways vegans and non-vegans can be more inclusive of one another

Jennifer is part of the amazing guest line up I have coming for you this season. Stay tuned!


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Apr 25

Awww, I finally got to hear how your blog / podcast got its name. So cute! And Jennifer is right, Tate buds do change. I experience that every time I cut "added sugar" (well, for the second time in my life). Things that I thought were too tart, actually taste quite sweet!


Replying to

Thanks for checking it out, Tamara!

The ability for taste buds to change is something I wish more people knew/accepted. We miss out on so many amazing foods when we don't periodically try things we didn't used to like.

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