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Today, I’m asking you to connect with me. Between my podcast, my live Monday show, and my social media, my truth is on full display at all times, and I do feel a connection with my audience. I love connecting more directly as well, via email, social media, and in-person (when we can.)

Where and how do you like to share your truth? Do you want to connect more? Either more deeply or more often?

5 Ways to create connection

  1. Share your story

  2. Listen (really listen, put the phone away!)

  3. Join or start a book club (even if it’s just you and your partner - books can lead to interesting conversations you may never have otherwise had)

  4. Learn something new together

  5. Let go of judgement

Today’s blog is a quick one and comes with two requests.

  1. Think about what connection means to you in your own life. Where is it strongest and where can you increase connection?

  2. Connect with me, here’s how:

That’s it!

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