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Dining Out

Restaurant table with wine glasses

Today, I have 2 questions, well, 2 main questions and some follow ups. 😃

One for the veg-curious who occasionally look for the plant-based or vegan options at a restaurant and one for the vegan who is dining at a restaurant that is not vegan but does or seems to have vegan options.

Question 1 - for the veg-curious

When dining out, what types of dishes are you looking for when you're looking for a vegan or plant-based option? What on the menu helps you identify those options? What would make it easier for you to identify them? Do you typically find the waitstaff helpful? What types of questions do you ask them? What makes you seek out a plant-based option in the first place? What makes you feel confident that you'll receive the vegan dish you asked for?

Question 2 - for the vegans

When dining out at a non-vegan restaurant, what do you look for first to determine if you can eat there at all? Do you call ahead? If so, what types of questions do you ask? If you didn't call ahead, do you ask the server questions? If so, what do you ask? Do you find the waitstaff helpful? What makes you feel confident about ordering a vegan dish in a non-veg restaurant? What could the staff do to make the experience a positive one? What would make you tell all of the vegans you know that they had to go to that restaurant? Do you use an app to find veg-friendly places? If so, which one(s)?

In the comments below, let me know if you're answering question 1 or 2 and go for it! The reason why I'm asking these questions will be shared before the blogging month is through! It's something new I'm working on and am curious about the responses, they'll be of tremendous help as I work on this new thing. 😃😃😃

Thanks in advance!

Here are two apps I use pretty regularly when seeking a veg-friendly restaurant nearby.

Vanilla Bean - using your phone's location this app pulls up all vegan and veg-friendly restaurants nearby. I love this app but will admit it's at its best when you're in the area you're hoping to eat. I have found trying to search by the zip code or town I'm going to produces less results. The website, however, is much more helpful if searching a location ahead of time.

Happy Cow - tried and true, Happy Cow has been around for a loooonnngggg time, but not always up-to-date. The search option in the app does work well so, if you're planning to travel to a specific restaurant, call ahead to make sure they're still open/hours haven't changed.

I use them both and have discovered some pretty incredible places, happy dining!!

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