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Who doesn't love a good conversation? What about a debate that's a bit painful to watch but from which you still learn so much? That's where Earthling Ed comes in. Earthling Ed is a vegan educator, public speaker, author, and public debater. You can often find him in public places at a table ready to have conversations with passersby about veganism. He is passionate but most importantly he's always compassionate, which, truly is the core of veganism. (You may notice that Ed and I share a last name but, as far as I know anyway, he is not related to my husband/his family.)

Check out the video below, then come back and let me know your thoughts. Did you learn something? What are your thoughts on the students views? How about Ed's? Did either of them get you thinking differently? Tell me in the comments below!

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09 juil. 2022

Very interesting debate. He really has a way of coming back and bringing truth and seeing past the extra distractions.

I'm already vegan. For health reasons mostly, but partly for the animal harming reason too.

I think looking at things that you haven’t seen does help to open eyes. I don’t know if she changed any. I don’t believe he did. Her arguments were more like excuses, but at least she’s thinking.


Kimberly Winters
Kimberly Winters
12 juil. 2022
En réponse à

I really appreciate the way he handles these conversations. I like to think that even though she seemed a bit angry when she got up she has been able to process the conversation as she gained some distance from it and who knows, maybe even made some changes.

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