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A relatable vegan with writer and comedian Lisa Rimmert of On the Nose

What does it mean to be a relatable vegan and why does it matter? You'll hear this and more in today's episode with writer/comedian Lisa Rimmert of On the Nose.

From her bio: Lisa Rimmert is a standup comedian and writer based in the Seattle area. In 2021, she launched her company, On The Nose, LLC, through which she helps to change the world through effective and humane communication. Current and past clients have included Beyond Carnism, Farm Forward, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and Volunteers of America. Lisapublished her first book, a memoir, in 2022. Titled Stay: My Forever Friendship with an Aging Dog, it earned her a prestigious award for Best First Book from the Independent Book Publishers Association. She's currently working on a second dog-related memoir. When she's not writing, Lisa can be found telling jokes to audiences at bars and clubs around Seattle and beyond. A lifelong animal advocate, the topic of animals and their well-being serves as a throughline connecting all of Lisa's projects.

I had the pleasure of reading her book Stay after Lisa and I recorded this episode so I’ll share my thoughts here. Buy the book, if you’ve ever loved a non-human animal you’ll find parts of yourself in this book. It brought me back to moments with my senior cat Cookie, that first moment you realize they’re a senior and each moment after. Lisa so beautifully captures her experience and friendship with beloved Dakota. It’s a beautiful and poignant tale I feel lucky to have read. 

I loved this entire conversation (as you'll hear) but, one of my favorite things we discussed is really paying attention to the body language of the non-human animals who share our homes. When we are mindful and observant, we can approach those in our care in a respectful way, deepening our connection and being a better friend, guardian, or parent.

To connect with Lisa:

To pick up Lisa's book click the title: Stay: My Forever Friendship with an Aging Dog

What is your takeaway from this episode? Listen here then tell me in the comments below.


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