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Have I Failed?

When I signed up for this quarter's Ultimate Blog Challenge, I was determined to write 31 blogs in 31 days, just like I wrote 30 blogs in 30 days in April. I knew I wasn't going to miss a day, and then this weekend came. I hadn't spent time earlier in the week writing extra blogs to cover such a moment as this and I simply did not get around to writing all weekend. So, here I am, on Monday asking, have I failed?

No, I haven't.

Here's why. I'm here posting this blog today. I didn't give up, I didn't let my disappointment over missing the last 2 days derail my goal to write all month. Who knows, maybe I'll double up a couple of days to hit 31 blogs before the month is through, but, maybe I won't. The key is that I'm back, ready to write and share with you.

In the past, I would have seen missing those two blog posts as failing and I would have given up. I would have felt that it was impossible to complete the challenge perfectly, so why complete it at all? I would have missed out on the experience of challenging myself to write so often, of the interaction with my readers, of what I could learn in that process. I wouldn't have seen it that way then, it would have served as proof that I wasn't good enough. How often do we do that? How often do we hurt ourselves with such thoughts?

How can we approach this differently?

Giving ourselves grace when we don't quite hit the goal we've set, being flexible and allowing things to change, bend, or move without giving up, is how we show up differently, it's how we show up as our best selves day in and day out. Things in life don't always go exactly as we expect or hope they will. Even things that seem completely in our control, like writing blogs, can require a shift in our approach. When we can be kind to ourselves, come back, and keep going, that type of consistency is where we change, where we grow, where we learn, where we succeed.

Think about a time you didn't quite hit a goal, how did you react? What did you learn from it? How would you handle that same "miss" now? Tell me in the comments below!


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