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July - Blessing Moon

At 2:38pm tomorrow, the moon will be at its fullest but did you know that you can work with moon energy for a few days leading up to and after the full moon? I love that we have multiple opportunities each month to tap into that energy and work within our lives.

This month's moon is often called the Blessing Moon, here in the northern hemisphere gardens are reaching a bountiful state, the world is alive (though maybe a little slower if it's particularly hot where you are), blessings are all around us. This moon is a reminder that we too can slow down and turn just about any activity into a meditative one. Full Moons are all about releasing what does not serve, why not meditate on what you can let go of today?

Below are two ways you can start working with this full moon right away.

Working with the Full Moon Energy

Dream Journal: If you don't already have one, this is a great time to create a dream journal. I've maintained a dream journal on and off since I was kid. There are dreams from more than 20 years ago that I still remember!

It's simple enough to get started, grab a notebook and a pen and put it by your bed. When you get into bed, close your eyes and set the intention that you would like to remember your dreams. You may wish to ask your dreams to share any messages you need to know right now.

Upon waking, before you get out of bed, grab your notebook and pen and write down everything you remember without judgement. Don't worry about deciphering any meaning at this point either, it's important to capture the details. Note who, what, when, where, colors, shapes, the environment, anything that feels significant and even those things that don't. Sometimes you will remember all of these details, very often you will not. If something is really standing out to you, be sure to call that out.

Before diving into a dream dictionary (there are tons for free online), I like to sit with the dream and feel into what the messages may be and write those down. Then, I'll turn to a dream dictionary and start looking up the meanings, since dreams deal in symbolism, pay attention to how you feel when you read the descriptions. You'll know if something resonates or not.

As you catalogue your dreams you will start to become aware of patterns and symbols your dreams incorporate often and you'll notice that the meaning or message of some dreams is clear immediately upon waking. If you have been working to understand yourself better and to allow your higher self to guide you, creating a dream journal is an excellent way to deepen your practice.

Making Moon Water

I love making Moon Water. It's a simple way to bring some powerful energy into your day-to-day (and your magick, if you like.)

Step 1: Fill a clear container with fresh water

Step 2: Place the water in the moonlight

Step 3: Use this water in anything where you want to bring in the moon energy

You can place the container of water outside in the moonlight or in a window. I place mine in front of my bedroom window on my nightstand. This makes it easy for me to move it before the sun comes up (otherwise you have a moon/sun combo)

I drink this water, use it to make coffee/tea/soup, water plants, you can add it to bath water...the possibilities are endless.

Will you give one of these activities a try? Do you work with the moon cycles? Is this all new to you? Tell me in the comments below!


Looking to play a bit more with the Full Moon? Join me tonight in my virtual healing circle at 8pm ET. For more info and to sign up, click here. I hope to see you there!

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