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My favorite tip for fresher greens

red leaf and romaine lettuce soaking in water in a white plastic bin
Soaking red leaf and romaine lettuce

Spring is here and in New Jersey we're expecting some warmer temperatures this week, I could not be more excited about that! As the days grow warmer our bodies start to crave fresh fruits and veggies but, how do you keep them fresh? In today's blog I share my favorite way to keep those greens vibrant and crispy.

I'm using lettuce as an example but this works for for all leafy greens.

Step 1:

Clean your sink or place a tub in your sink and fill with cold water. I got my bin from Amazon for $13

Step 2:

Cut the bottoms off the lettuce and inspect the leaves. Discard any leaves which are broken, brown, or bruised. (When buying lettuce, make sure the bottoms are white, not browning or red. For kale/collards - avoid yellowing leaves)

Step 3:

Place the leaves in the cold water and let soak for 30 minutes or more (sometimes mine end up in the water for a while as I also like to batch cook while I prep my greens), just don't leave them there all day. Soaking and not simply swishing and removing the leaves allows the leave to rehydrate some, prolonging their crispness. (Clever, right?)

Step 4:

Periodically and gently swish the leaves around to release dirt or debris

Look at that dirt at the bottom! Sorry about the window reflection!

Step 5:

Quickly check the leaves as you take them out of the water, occasionally, you'll find some stubborn dirt that will require a quick rinse and gentle rub. Then drop them into a salad spinner, like so:

red leaf and romaine lettuce leaves in a white salad spinner
Get ready for a workout!

Step 6:

Put the top on and get to spinning (this is quite an arm workout!) If you have kids this can be a really fun activity for them. It's active and noisy, kids love that! Also, make sure yours isn't hanging off the edge of your counter before you start spinning.

Here's the salad spinner all put together, with lettuce inside ready to get dizzy. This one was an engagement party gift found at Bed Bath & Beyond almost 9 years ago and it's still in perfect condition.

Step 7:

Place a paper towel or two in the container or bag you're placing the lettuce, once full ( but not stuffed), close the top halfway or so and store in your fridge. Your greens should keep for a full week like this.

Share one of your favorite food tips below. Vegan/Plant-based foods only - of course 🥰

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