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Recognition of the sacredness within

Today, I am joined by Anabrese Neuman, Spiritual Life Coach, musician and author of The Wise Method.

From her bio:

Anabrese is a Spiritual Life Coach and Eco-Author & Educator who provides Support & Inspiration that Empowers Empathic & Vegan Changemakers who want to make a positive change in the world while sharing their gifts & living on purpose.

Anabrese provides counsel through her books and video content across social media providing resources to support people with their spiritual wellbeing and discovering their life purpose.

She is here to spread the principles of Unity Awareness while guiding those who are ready to step into their Eco-purpose with confidence and Spiritual Empowerment for effective advocacy, and Positive Societal Change.

This chat is bound to get you thinking about your own connection to the world around you. What steps can you take to interact more gently? Is there something spiritual you've wanted to explore but haven't?

Want to connect with Anabrese? She's got lots of options!



Website and Linktree

Click here to listen to Anabrese's episode then come back and tell me what your takeaways are!


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