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Talking cheese, business integrity, and cashews with Treeline Cheese Founder & CEO, Michael Schwarz

Today, I am joined by Michael Schwarz, Founder and CEO of Treeline Cheese.

From his bio: Michael grew up in South Africa, in a family of prominent opponents to the apartheid regime. It is there that he developed his sense of justice and fair play for all. He had always enjoyed fine European cheeses but when he found out just how cruel the production of dairy products is, he decided that he had to try and change things. So he gave up dairy and his 25 year career as an intellectual property lawyer and turned his attention to making vegan cheese. Treeline was born in his kitchen over a decade ago. Michael started selling his new cheese door to door, trying to convince stores to take a chance on what was then an unknown product. Treeline soon became a favorite at vegan markets and festivals. Treeline cheese is now available in thousands of stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans and many independents. It was recently named best vegan cheese by, and USA Today (of which I was one of the experts on the panel who created the list readers voted on!).

In this episode, Michael takes us on his vegan journey as well as the journey of the cashew nut, gives us insight into the story Kosher labels tell us, how hummus can bring us together, and of course, the creation and integrity behind Treeline Cheese.

You don't want to miss this conversation, it's insightful, honest, and, it's about cheese, so...

Did You Bring the Hummus is available on your favorite podcast app and my website.

Keep up with Treeline:

Facebook: @treelinecheese

Instagram: @treeline_cheese

Which Treeline Cheese is my favorite? I'm so glad you asked! French Style Creamy Scallion.


For a deeper dive into allergens, check out my podcast episode with Food Inclusivity Mentor, Heather Landex.

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Kimberly, first off, I love hummus! And as you know, garbanzo beans/chick peas have more protein per weight than do eggs. Second, what a lovely voice you have, and how elegantly you narrate! I have now researched Treeline Cheese and found I can purchase some in a store I go to all the time. I just haven't been to the cheese counter.

Replying to

Yes! 🙌 chickpeas are incredible!

Thank you so much for the kind words, Kebba 💚

Ooo, when you get a chance to try some Treeline I hope you’ll come back and post your favorite(s)!!

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