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Vegan food and health

A recent comment on another blog asked about easy, healthy food ideas which can help those with high cholesterol, glucose levels, the need/want to lose weight and I thought, I bet other people wonder this too.

There are tons of influencers out there with a "quick fix" or the "right way" to "take back your health," "drop those pounds," or any other leading sentence to convince people to sign up for their thing. I wanted to share some websites and ideas from some truly great sources that can help anyone who is prioritizing their health.

7 Day Rescue Plan - Provides free guides, group support, and a 7 day food plan. I've enjoyed a lot of their recipes! They make it really easy!

PCRM - 21 Day Kickstart - Created by the Physican’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, this 21 day intro to eating vegan includes nutritional videos, recipes, and meal plans for 3 weeks!

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn - Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease - Dr. Esselstyn, based on all of the research he's done and the clients he's worked with, believes that heart disease is " a paper tiger that needs not exist." - A great website led by Dr. Michael Greger, if you have health or nutrition questions, you'll find the research here

Each of the above plans have their own take and vibe, I would say test each of them out and see which plan fits your life best. I have found that I incorporate some of what I've learned from each of these plans into my life.

Which one will you check out first?

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