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When in doubt, pull it...out?

The plug, that is.

Last week, after finishing a load of wash, the machine was flashing that it needed a cleaning. So, I took out the clothes and after putting them in the dryer, turned the washer setting to "clean washer", dumped the soap in and went back upstairs. About 5 minutes later I heard a pleasant yet unfamiliar tone coming from the basement. Back down I went to find the washer was flashing an error code.

I googled the code and found Maytag's help page with this this...

Wait, that's it?! Okay, I can handle that. I unplugged it and set a timer on my phone so I would plug it back in after 5 minutes. Plugged it back in 5 minutes later, same issue. So, I googled again, this time, the guidance was to unplug again but this time only for 1 minute...same thing...another search advised to wait 10 minutes....every time we plugged it back in and tried to restart, same issue.

So, I called. Maytag has a great option to talk to someone before you schedule service (there Is also a straight to scheduling service line, should you know for sure something is broken.) The customer service rep was super nice and asked me to walk him through everything I had done. His response "well, you did everything I would have told you to do, let's get service scheduled." We were scheduled for Tuesday, phew, glad to have someone coming out only 5 days later, good thing we'd already done most of the laundry!

We left the washer unplugged...

On Sunday, JP had the thought to try the washer, just for the heck of it. Wouldn't you know, after having been unplugged for a few days, it worked!! And it's still working! We were able to cancel the service, yay!!

Sometimes in life, we just need to rest for a bit. So, I invite you to be like my washer and unplug.

Tell me in the comments how you reset.

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