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World Vegetarian Day & the UBC

World Vegetarian Day, October 1, 2023 on a yellow background with tomato and green leaf illustrations

Today is World Vegetarian Day and it's also Day 1 of the next Ultimate Blog Challenge.

If you have spent any time here on my blog, website, or listening to my podcast, you already know that Did You Bring the Hummus is vegan focused. So, why highlight World Vegetarian Day? A couple of reasons, I went vegetarian before going vegan and I recognize that is a common path for many of us. So, if you're a vegetarian looking to go vegan, you know I can help get you there because I did it myself. I also see this day and month (October is World Vegetarian Month) as an opportunity to showcase why being vegetarian isn't enough and why going vegan is the best option for the animals, the environment, and ourselves. This is not a judgement, once we know better, we do better, right?

I have often heard that vegetarians feel they are doing enough because they aren't consuming the flesh of an animal but over the course of this month, I will share insight into the cruelty of the dairy and egg industries. It won't be all doom and gloom though, as that is not my style. You won't find graphic imagery here but you will find the truth. You'll also find lots of examples of what I eat as a vegan, the products I use, the way I spend my time and money. Being vegan touches every aspect of my life, that's one of the things that makes living this way so incredible, we have the ability to hurt or help with every single action, every single decision.

It's also a new Ultimate Blog Challenge! This is a quarterly challenge run by Paul Taubman of Digital Maestro . I love participating in these challenges as they get me really thinking and they get me writing, which I always want to do and never prioritize! The challenge is to write as many blogs as there are days in the month, so, for October, we'll write 31 blogs. October is an exciting month for me to participate in the blog challenge because there is so much going on this month. In addition to my musings on veganism, there's also a pretty big holiday at the end of the month, Samhain. So, I'll be sharing some blogs on that as well. It's now fall here in the Northern Hemisphere so there will be a heavy food focus on autumnal dishes (where I can I'll point to spring dish focused blogs for my Southern Hemisphere readers). Living in New Jersey, where cranberry bogs abound, there will be plenty of cranberries showing up this month too!

What can you expect to read about this month?

  • Each Monday I release a new podcast episode so the Monday blogs will be focused on those episodes

  • Information on the dairy and egg industries, alternatives to those items, and moving towards veganism

  • Recipes! Both links to my favorites online and some I've created myself

  • Samhain!

  • any other random topics that come up along the way. I try to create a structure with these challenges but sometimes you have to just write about what comes to you

I'm super excited to engage you all this month!

To my fellow UBC-ers, welcome back! Can't wait to read what you're writing!


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