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How often have you considered taking on something new or a higher level of responsibility but stopped yourself because you didn't think you had enough experience? Maybe you thought you needed a degree or certification in order to get a new job or start a business, maybe you didn't go for the promotion because you felt you weren't seasoned enough. What if you are exactly who and what you need to be in order to take that next step, right now? How could your life change if you took that chance?

Watching last night's NY Mets Opening Day Game got me thinking about this.

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, the Mets were opening their season with an unexpected starting pitcher, Tylor Megill. When he came up and pitched for the Mets last year it was the first time in his career he had done so at the Major League level, given his limited Major League experience, no one would have expected him to pitch Opening Day. The Mets Manager, Buck Showalter, didn't want to disrupt the rotation of his remaining starters so he turned to Tylor, who would be the least experienced Opening Day pitcher in Mets history.

Tylor took the mound and for 5 innings, he pitched incredibly. Looking at him out there, fully composed, throwing strikes, he was the picture of the quintessential starter. If you didn't know his background, you could not have guessed from his performance that he had only one major league season under his belt.

That brings me back to you, and to me. How many opportunities have we had to take the ball that passed us by because we couldn't see it? So caught up in the noise of our "not enoughness" that we doubted ourselves out of something transformative? What if we just trusted that we could do it? Even if we missed our mark, what would it mean to know we tried?

My advice (not that you asked) and what I am working on myself is to do it messy. Just start, take what you know, figure out what you can learn along the way, and jump in. Even when things go sideways we can learn something and try again. Be open to growing, be open to changing, and be open to taking the ball. You never know when your chance to pitch Opening Day will come.

Tell me in the comments below about a time you "did it messy," what did you learn?

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