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A Meaningful Tune

tattoo on wrist and forearm - word reads Iridescent picture is a blue dragonfly

I thought I would mix it up a bit today and post about a song or songs that are meaningful to me in some way.

I'll start with Linkin Park's "Iridescent" since, as you can see above, I have the song title tattooed on my left wrist. Linkin Park was an instant favorite for me when their album Hybrid Theory came out in 2000, beginning with this album and continuing through their career each time they released a new record, there were songs that I knew were written just for me. Do you have a band like that? It's uncanny when songs come out and they just so perfectly capture your feelings or a moment in your life, it truly feels like that song was written just for you.

Iridescent is one of those songs for me. Track 12 on the album A Thousand Suns, this song came out when I was feeling exceptionally low, incredibly lost, and very, very dark. The lyrics are incredibly simple but what this song does that makes those simple lyrics so powerful is that it first and foremost acknowledges the pain. It brings forth those feelings of loneliness, helplessness, sadness, it makes you feel them. (I've sobbed many times listening to this song.) And then, just as simply, it gives you the power to let those feelings go, to believe in yourself, to move forward. I listened to this song over and over and over, with headphones, blasting in the car, every chance I got until that feeling of hopelessness abated. Until I felt like myself again.

So, when the bands' lead singer, Chester Bennington, died by suicide in July of 2017, I decided to honor him and the opportunity he gave me through this song by tattooing the title on my wrist. I added the dragonfly for a couple of reasons. They are symbols of adaptability - they are one of the few creatures who can fly in all 6 directions (up, down, backwards, forwards, right, and left.) Their wings are also iridescent. I went with blue because blue is the color of the throat chakra, a symbol of the voice, one I was eventually able to find, in part, because I found this song.

Check out the video for Iridescent below.


A very recent song that really makes me happy is Lizzo's "The Sign." Her album, Special, was just released on Friday, 7/15 and I've already listened multiple times. Listening to Lizzo reminds me that I am capable of anything, and you know what, that feels pretty good and it's about damn time for that. 😉

Whether it's a song that had a profound affect on your life or one that just gets you moving and sets you up for a great day, tell me in the comments about a song that's meaningful to you.

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