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A reminder from my yoga mat

I am participating (as I always do!) in this month's Yoga with Adriene's 30 day Yoga Journey, Flow. It's 30 days of yoga that thousands of people around the world do in real-time (kinda.) A new video is released each day and we all practice it at some point during our day. It's pretty neat to think about the fact that there is undoubtedly someone else in the world doing that same video at the same time as you. Talk about connection!

Yesterday's practice included one of the most transformative poses I've ever done, Star Pose. If you know yoga this might surprise you as star pose is literally just standing wide-legged with your arms in the air so your body is the shape of a star. Doesn't seem too physically difficult for someone who can do that with their body, and you're right, it wasn't that I couldn't physically do it, I couldn't emotionally do it. I wrote the story in a blog back in October 2022, check it out here.

The reminder from my yoga mat was a simple one, you can change your life right on that rectangle. So often (here in the U.S anyway), yoga is about the workout, it's about the glamour of a impressive pose, the expensive pants, the tight butt...but if you allow it, it's about you. Your growth, becoming the you that you've been hiding/running from/avoiding/afraid to release. It's about connection, to yourself, your spiritual path, to others.

Yoga has changed me and it continues to do so. Every time I step on the mat, I can allow what comes up, I can breathe through it, I can sob when I need to. Each day is different, some days, our bodies and/or minds relax and release easily, others, it feels like a futile attempt. Either way, it's okay, it just is. You come back to your mat the next day with a beginner's mind and do it again. I learn patience over and over again, I get frustrated, I smile. I uncover something new, I love.

Do you have a practice or a hobby that you turn to to connect with yourself? Tell me in the comments below.


Want deeper insights into yoga? Check out my podcast episode with Author and Yoga Teacher, Christine Cook Mania for her insights on yoga (and more!), I also chat with Chef Adam Sobel about his yoga practice, take a listen here.

If you're in the New Jersey shore area, check out my friend Lauren's offerings. She's an incredible yoga teacher (and person)

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