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A Small Collection of Vegan Easter Recipes

As promised yesterday, here are some links to Easter recipes. If you make any, please post a picture in the comments and let me know what you think!

I am working on creating my own recipes but they're not yet at a point where I would test them out on you so here are some links to some good ones! 😃

I love all Isa Chandra Moskowitz recipes, I've never made one that wasn't amazing. Here's her take on an Easter ham. My suggestion: freezing tofu then defrosting makes the tofu chewier and a great texture (I do this for all tofu dishes which use firm to super/extra firm.)

Here's an old Isa recipe (2007!) but this Cesar salad is so good! (Don't freeze this tofu, it will change the texture and make it not work for this recipe.)

Great appetizer - Deviled Potatoes:

Hot cross buns - I haven't yet tried making these but I really want to!

I LOVE risotto! Making it requires a lot of active time but it is 100% worth the effort for this decadently creamy rice

I can't wait to give these vegan peanut butter eggs a try!!

If you have a favorite vegan recipe, post it below!

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