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Another blog challenge, already?!

Happy October!! A new month and Ultimate Blog challenge is upon us. If you've followed my blog over the course of the last year you will find references to the Ultimate Blog Challenge or UBC. This quarterly month-long challenge encourages participants to blog every day of the month. Sure, 30 or 31 blogs in as many days sounds daunting, but, it is doable. The nice thing though, is the flexibility. You'll receive daily blog prompts via email but you can blog once a week or twice that month, or once every 3rd day, or only on even numbered get the picture. Make it your own! The UBC doesn't just get you writing, it gets you interacting with other bloggers too. You share your blogs in the Facebook group and other bloggers read, comment on, and/or share your stuff. How cool is that?! How far can your blog go when it's reaching the networks of others? Isn't that incredible to think about? I sure think so. You can find out more about the UBC and sign up here. Oh, and did I mention that it's free?!

So, what's in store for us this month at the Did You Bring the Hummus blog? Typically, I blog about whatever comes to mind, mostly within the vegan realm (of course) but this month I'm going with the theme of Autumn. So, there will be blogs about World Day for Farmed Animals, seasonal foods, pictures of the leaves changing color, the energy of Fall, letting go, gratitude, manifesting, and of course, Samhain. There will also likely be mentions of playoff baseball. LFGM.

As always, blogs will have a vegan angle because at Did You Bring the Hummus we never advocate for or endorse the use of animals.

I am excited to embark on this month of blogging with you. A big hello and welcome hug to the new readers and a big welcome back to my fellow UBCers! I am always open to topic suggestions and I hope you'll share your own insights via the comments, no need for this to be a one-way conversation.

Say hello in the comments below, let me know how you're doing, and what you're most looking forward to this month.

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