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Apps to help you be the best vegan

One of the most amazing things about smart phones and apps is how much help you get when you're out in the world and looking for vegan guidance. From nearby restaurants to scanning products at the grocery store to finding cruelty-free products and child-labor/slavery free chocolate, these free apps have you covered.

Vanilla Bean - using the location of your phone, Vanilla Bean populates all vegan and veg-friendly restaurants in your current area. Planning to be away from home? You can enter the zip code of where you're going and get a jump start on choosing where you'll have lunch.

Happy Cow - like Vanilla Bean, you will find local eateries, cafes, juice bars...etc. which are vegan or have veg options. Happy Cow has been around for a long time, there is a ton of information in this app.

Leaping Bunny - curious if a brand you love tests on animals? Not sure if the shampoo you're about to pick up is vegan? The Leaping Bunny app is your go-to for these answers and more.

Food Empowerment - A comprehensive website of many ways you can make an impact in the world. The app is focused on chocolate, the recommended brands are vegan and free of child labor/slavery. When you search in the App Store you can search by Food Empowerment but the app name is Chocolate List

Is it Vegan? - sometimes reading labels is tricky and, honestly, hidden animal products are everywhere. Make your grocery shopping easier by scanning labels while you navigate the aisles.

Barnivore - not an app but a website you can easily navigate on your phone. This website easily identifies vegan liquor, beer, and wine, and even includes uploads of emails from some companies answering questions about their vegan and non-vegan products.

Do you use any of the above? Which is your favorite? Have a favorite not on the list? Put that in the comments too! Finally, if you've never used any of these apps, let me know which one you're downloading today.

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