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Blink, Breathe, and Be Present with Dr. Elisa Beth Haransky-Beck

Has an eye-doctor ever suggested you scale back your prescription? Dr. Elisa does and in this podcast episode she'll tell you why.

From her bio:

Dr. Elisa Beth Haransky-Beck has been a Holistic Eye doctor specializing in optometric

vision and movement therapy and natural vision improvement since 1987.

Elisa has practiced raw living plant-based foodism on and off since 2012 and the

Spiritual Nutrition lifestyle since 2015. One of Elisa’s volunteer passions is with Vegan

Spirituality-Southwest PA which she founded in early 2019. She teaches

EmbodyVision Yoga on Zoom to elders from around the world and is a Spiritual Nutrition

counselor with a Master’s degree in Spiritual Nutrition.

Dr. Elisa reminds us to "Blink, Breathe, and Be Present"

  • Blink - lubricate your eyes

  • Breathe - meditate

  • Be Present - ask yourself "where is the health?" If you listen, your body will tell you

Dr. Elisa leads us through a brief guided meditation, make sure you're not driving and if you are be sure to go back and listen once you're not.

To connect with Dr. Elisa

Her book Enlivening Consciousness: Deepening Your Journey Through Vision, Movement,

Nutrition, Nature, and Spirit Is available for purchase here.

Mentioned in this episode:

Take a listen and tell me in the comments below, what was your biggest takeaway? What are your eyes telling you?

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