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Earth Week - But, I'm only one person...

"But, I'm only one person, I can't possibly make a difference." This is statement I've heard a lot, not just about going vegan but about things like voting too. If you ask me, and I guess you kinda did since you're reading my blog, this is a cop out. It's a way to avoid making changes or taking action we know we want to take but feel overwhelmed by or under informed about.

I'm here to tell you that you, one person, can make a difference, and a significant one at that. The above graphic shows what one vegan can do each day simply by living life, multiple that by 365, then another 365...etc. as the years go by, this adds up. Here's the cool part, just living isn't the only thing we vegans are doing each day. Even for those who don't see themselves as an activist, who never attend a protest or even talk about it as a key piece of their lives, every time you show up as a vegan around non-vegans, you are planting seeds, whether those around you asked for it or not. We have no idea when the really tasty and beautiful to look at lunch we brought to work will inspire a co-worker to google vegan recipes and begin to learn. We don't know who else is listening when one person asks you why you went vegan. In any given day, you could be bringing veganism to 5, 10, 20, or more people without any extra effort or intent on your part. Should you find activism calling you, you'll reach even more.

As you inspire those around you to explore making changes in their lives, they are now showing the people they know little glimpses of veganism. Maybe your co-worker gets home and makes a vegan meal for his spouse and 3 kids and they all bring the leftovers to work and school. Now, the spouse's co-workers are wondering about this meatless meal and maybe his kids friends are too. They could go home and ask their parents if they can make them that meal....I think you see where I'm going. As we show up as vegans and show those around us who we are, that spreads, even if little by little. As the demand reduces, so does the supply, that means less animals suffering and being killed by a horrific industry which harms the animals caught up in and the people who work within it.

The best part of all of it though, you're not the only one doing it! You might be the only vegan you know (I have been there!) but you're not the only vegan in the world. In fact, as of this year, there are an estimated 88 million vegans around the world. Of course, there are about 8 billion people on this planet so, yes, we're about 1.1% of the population but, I'd say that's a pretty solid start and we're in good company.

If you've ever wondered, does what I do make a difference, the answer is yes. One of the biggest reasons our planet is in the peril she is in is because of the way humans around the world eat and the industries we've created to feed the cravings for animal flesh. We have the chance to save our great Mother Earth but we have to make a change now, and the biggest impact we can have with one action is going vegan.


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