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Celebrate all of the wins with Nancy Leeds Gribble, Founder & CEO of NourishLiftGrow

Today, I am joined by Nancy Leeds Gribble, Founder & CEO of NourishLiftGrow.

From her bio: Nancy is a Women’s Wellness and Weight-loss Transformation Coach, Plant-based Culinary Nutrition Expert. She specializes in empowering women in midlife and beyond with the information and guidance they need for optimal health, weight loss,  and body confidence. She believes and shares how the transformative power of food can heal, support and build our health and create a body you feel fantastic living in.   It’s never too late to become the healthiest, fittest, and happiest version of who you want to be! 

We begin with Nancy’s vegan journey, how to start making lasting change, she helped me understand that macronutrients aren’t just for the gym bros, and even touches on some things to consider to help balance out hormones. Nancy shares so many great tips and insights in this episode, you might want to take notes, or listen a second time when you can have a notebook handy. 

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Own your individual journey, assess to how you got to the point where you’re ready to make a change and solidify your why.

  • Focus on health first, if weight loss is also part of your plan trust that it will come as you focus on your health.

  • Create awareness, you can only assess how you’re progressing towards your goal if you have the data. 

I recorded this episode with Nancy at the end of December, when JP and I had been walking pretty much daily for about 2 weeks. As of today, February 12th, we’re still going strong with daily walks, I incorporated daily yoga in January, and, we actually started tracking our food. I’m feeling better and noticing all of the ways I’m getting stronger every day. 

To connect with Nancy:

Get Nancy's cauliflower hummus recipe here.

I've been inspired by so many of my guests to make positive changes in my life. What is the most meaningful takeaway for you? Tell me in the comments below!


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