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Celebrating the "small" wins

Earlier this week the New York Mets clinched a playoff spot. Leading up to and over the course of the game there was a lot of commentary about how the Mets, if they celebrated at all, should hold a "subdued" celebration. After all, they simply clinched a playoff spot, they hadn't "won anything" yet. I was concerned there would be no celebration when they won that night and I was glad to watch the post-game coverage in the locker room showing the team celebrating together.

Why was I concerned that the team wouldn't have the opportunity to celebrate? I was concerned because declaring "small" wins unworthy of celebration is a terrible precedent to set. Not just for the players but for the fans watching too. How does a Major League Baseball team even get to the World Series? By first clinching a playoff spot. If you don't clinch, you don't get to play in the post-season at all, which means no chance at going to the World Series. The first step in this process is crucial and deserves to be acknowledged.

Can you think of a time when you accomplished something but didn't celebrate it because you either felt it was something that should have been done anyway or it wasn't the end point so you felt you couldn't make a big deal out of it?

How do you think not celebrating impacted your actions going forward? Did the next steps feel like you were slogging through to the finish line? What if you had a taken a moment to even just high-five yourself and smile about what you had completed so far? Feeling accomplished when we've finished something, even if it is a small piece of a larger task, sends all kinds of good feelings through your body and and gives us a new kind of momentum to keep going.

If you typically don't celebrate your wins, I encourage you to start doing so today. You can do this any way that feels authentic to you but in case nothing is coming to you, I've listed a few below to get you started.

  • I high-five myself. Yup I actually slap my hands together as if I were high-fiving another person. By the way, you can also high-five yourself in the mirror - Mel Robbins actually suggests you high-five yourself in the mirror just because multiple times per day.

  • I compliment myself out loud, it feels good to hear someone say what a great job I've done (even if it's my own voice!)

  • Share with those I know will celebrate with me

  • Write it down! Whether on a strip of paper to place into a jar or in a notebook, keeping track of your wins gives you something to look back on when you're having a rough day

  • Reward yourself with a special treat, self-care routine, activity you love...etc.

You don't have to throw yourself a party each time you complete a task or a project, but, you certainly can add some more joy to your life by acknowledging all you accomplish, big, little, and in-between.

Side-note: sometimes a win for the day is making it through. Acknowledge the struggle and give yourself grace. It's not about toxic positivity here, it's okay to have a bad day, I just ask that you be gentle with yourself.

Share in the comments below how you celebrate your wins! If you're new to this idea, post below the celebration technique you'll try first, then come back and tell me how it went for you.


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