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I love Indian food, each dish is always bursting with flavor. So, when Chef Adam Sobel of Cinnamon Snail sent out some Indian recipes to test I was VERY excited. I've been experimenting with various Indian recipes before and found some I liked, but nothing tasted anything close to what I get at my favorite Indian restaurant a few towns over, until now.

Another thing I really love about Chef Adam's recipes is the detail he includes. You get a story about the food and the instructions are detailed so you can go into each recipe confident you'll nail it.

Here are some photos from the North Indian Arhar Dal Tadka (Toor Dal) You might notice that I used Masoor Dal (red split lentils) not Toor Dal but that's what I had on hand and it still came out beautifully. (I also couldn't decide which water muring photo I like best, so you got two!)

The recipe for the rice in the 5th picture can be found in Chef Adam's Vegan Biryani recipe, which is also incredible. A picture of the biryani (still in the pot) is below. I am just as surprised as you are that I didn't take more photos! Don't worry though, Chef Adam has plenty of clear and beautiful photos on the recipe page!

I didn't try Indian food until I was in my late 20's! I spent so many years missing out on so many amazing dishes. Tell me in the comments below about a cuisine you discovered as an adult and absolutely love. You are welcome to share your favorite vegan dishes from that cuisine as well. Disclaimer: As we never promote or condone the use of animals in any way here at Did You Bring the Hummus, please do not include any reference to an animal-based dish nor links to any animal-based recipes.

Big news!!

Chef Adam is a guest in an upcoming episode of Did You Bring the Hummus Podcast! Be sure to subscribe via your favorite podcast app so you don't miss it!!

If you have an animal-based recipe you would like help veganizing, book a free coaching call with me and we'll talk through veganizing it together. I am offering this as a free service through the end of June. As of July 1st the price will go up to $44.

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