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Checking in with crystals

This week of blogging seems to be turning into a little "get to know me" and in turn, I hope, you. So, I thought I would share my love for crystals today. I almost always have a crystal (or more) on me at all times. If you ever walked around as a kid pocketing pretty rocks, you definitely get it!  I remember I used to lose it on school field trips to any museum that sold tumbled rocks (and giant amethyst pieces) in the museum store. I always used the spending money my parents gave me for a tumbled stone or two, rock candy, and some astronaut ice cream (which, in 2024, why isn't there a vegan version?!) I was destined to be a lady with rocks in her pocket, what can ya do? 🤷‍♀️

A standard stone I carry around most days is my black obsidian worry stone. I'll often wear a variety of crystal bracelets and then choose another crystal to keep in my right pocket (the obsidian is in the left.) Lately, that stone has been a crazy lace agate.

brownish red with grey swirls crystal on a black and gold background
Isn't she beautiful?!

Why have I been drawn to this stone?

Crazy Lace Agate is also known as the laughing stone and I've been drawn to it as I've been seeking more joy in my days. I did some research and this stone hails only from Chihuahua, Mexico. This stone is a balancer and one that brings joy. It elevates thought and promotes optimism while the swirls within the stone promote a flow of energy, allowing us to tap into our creative selves. Because this stone has a low vibration it is stabilizing and grounding.

Cleansing a stone and setting an intention

When I choose a new stone to keep with me I always clear/cleanse it and set an intention. Some crystals will dissolve in water so I got used to using visualization to clear all of them.

I start grounding by putting my feet on the floor and breathing deeply for a minute or so. I hold the crystal in my hand and imagine a white light flowing over the crystal, pulling any negative energies from the stone down into the Earth to be transmuted and transformed and spread out into the planet to those who need it most.

Once the crystal is cleansed I'll set an intention. You can use any crystal for any reason, though, they do all have their own metaphysical properties based on what they are made of, their color(s)...etc. so you can use that as a guideline too.

I am a Certified Crystal Energy guide through Kyle Gray which deepened my knowledge of and love for crystals. I use them in my reiki practice all of the time with great results. I balance chakras, work through grief and pain, enhance my joy, cleanse my aura, it's pretty incredible what these stones can bring to your life.


There are lots of websites out there where you can look up properties of crystals, I typically google the crystal and consult a few when learning about a new stone. I also love books by Judy Hall.

What types of things do you collect? Tell me in the comments below!

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Yes I loved collecting rocks when I was a kid! We had lots of quartz and mica in our area and those were my favorite. Now Lia is doing the same thing! We can't go anywhere without her finding a beautiful rock and her pockets are loaded when we return from our mountain hikes. Very interesting post on cleansing a stone.

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Ooo, so pretty!! I love that Lia is picking up on that too and that you can share that love. (I’m noticing a theme in the comments!) 😃

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Tamara Gerber
Tamara Gerber
05 Ιαν

My grandma and I used to share our love for stones, gems, and the like. She gave me a set of semi-precious stones, all of which have a healing effect: Rose quartz, amethyst, etc. Tamara

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How beautiful Tamara, sounds like you and Grandma had a special bond. Thank you for sharing 💚

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