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Last week I wrote about National Bird Day and had considered talking about chickens too but then decided they needed their own blog entry, especially because so many people view chickens differently than they do wild birds.

Chickens are intelligent birds who live rich social lives. They recognize over 100 faces and form bonds with other chickens and even humans (if given the chance). They care for their chicks with a strong desire to keep them safe. Chickens have over 30 different vocalizations, they communicate with each other and teach younger chickens how to be a chicken.

Some stats:

  • Average life span of a chicken: 10+ years

  • Average life span of a chicken used for meat ("broilers"): 42 days

  • Average life span of a chicken used for eggs ("layers"): 18-24 months

  • Average life span of male chicks born into the egg industry: minutes

Think you can't live without eggs? Check out my tofu scramble recipe, it is so full of flavor and the texture is perfect. It also tastes great as leftovers, on a sandwich, in a bowl...the possibilities are endless! If you want something ready to go you can find products like Just Egg at the grocery store. Need to replace eggs in a baked good? You can make a flax-egg or smash some bananas, use applesauce, or a traditional egg replacer product.

If you think there are lots of egg replacement options out there (there are more than I listed), you are going to be floored by vegan chicken options. From well-seasoned tofu to soy-based nuggets, "tenders," and "breasts" there is a vegan version of whatever you're looking for and you can find almost all of them in your standard grocery store!

Learn more through these resources:

What about free-range?

Thinking about going vegan? Check out Veganuary it's free! Serious about going vegan? Check out my one-on-one coaching package, The Vegan Voyage and book your free Vegan Mentor call today.

What's one thing you learned about chickens today? Tell me in the comments below!

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