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Earth Week - Finding Earth Day events near you

April 22, 2023 is the 53rd Earth Day. I love Earth Day and absolutely believe it is important, but, we really need it to be Earth Day every day. In these 53 years we've still catapulted ourselves into the worst environmental issues and scientists continue to warn us that we're running out of time to turn things around.

The most impactful thing we can do as humans is stop eating animals, but, we'll talk about that in an upcoming blog. Here, I wanted to share with you some links to find Earth Day events near you so you have a few days to plan your best Earth Day yet. I quickly realized that I could spend all day pulling links so I chose a few to help get you started. I've included some links local-ish to me, websites to find global events, and things you can do right at home.

In New Jersey like me? Here's a list of events:

For those in and around New York City:

In the D.C area? Click here for a list of events

Living Earth Festival: Native Nations Confronting Climate Change - This event is virtual so you don't have to be local to attend. Begins at 10amEDT, free.

Earth Day Canada:

Find Events Anywhere in the World:

Top 10 Earth Day Events - This list includes events from the U.S, India, Italy, Zimbabwe, and the UK. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the global events map and search your area of the world.

Don't feel like socializing this weekend?

Would you rather stay home and celebrate Earth Day by making changes in and around your home? Check out this article from The Farmers Almanac 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day

If you're thinking about gardening, check out my podcast with Meg Kelly of Learn Veganic from earlier this month. Then visit her website for tons of helpful tips to get started on a garden that is kind to the planet and all her inhabitants.

Have you been waiting for someone else to fix the planet? Do you feel as if you're only one person so how much impact could you possibly have? (hint: it's A LOT!) Are you feeling inspired but don't know what do to next? Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, where I'll get into this.

Before you go, tell me in the comments if you'll check out a local event this weekend, choose something from the Almanac website, or do something else to celebrate Earth Day. I've found a few events here in NJ that interest me, not sure just yet which one I'll choose!


Feeling inspired to help the planet and looking for someone to speak to directly about where to start? Book a free coaching call with me and we'll spend a half hour working out your next right step. This is not a sales call and there is no obligation to work with me.

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