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Easy Vegan Travel - New episode!

Do you travel often and think going vegan will make that more difficult? Are you already vegan but need some help planning your next trip? Just curious about traveling? Check out today's podcast with Rebecca Gade Sawicki of Veggies Abroad.

From Rebecca's bio: "Rebecca lives in Metro Detroit and is the creator of the vegan travel blog and consulting company Veggies Abroad. The blog showcases mouthwatering lineups of vegan food, action-packed travel guides, tips, and everything else a vegan or veg-curious traveler needs!

On the consulting side, Rebecca uses her 15 years of experience working at the intersection of communications, fundraising, and event management to help non-profits and ethical businesses leverage their missions, reach their goals, and expand their audience.

In 2022, she worked with multiple tourism organizations to promote vegan options in their cities, but she's not stopping there. She plans to expand her efforts throughout the tourism industry, making businesses realize that having vegan options is not only an ethical and environmental decision but a sound business decision too."

Rebecca’s knowledge is extensive and her passion for travel and having an incredible vegan experience while doing so comes through as she shares her stories, tips, and suggestions. Whether you’re planning a trip abroad, a deep dive into your local haunts, or a quick weekend trip, Rebecca can guide you to eat well while having an amazing time.

Connect with Rebecca on her website, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

From the episode:

5 tips to easy vegan travel:

  1. When traveling abroad learn important phrases that can help you communicate your needs. Create a cheat sheet to keep with you

  2. Pin locations you want to visit in Google maps so you can pull it up as you're exploring

  3. Consider your needs when booking your lodging (kitchenette, fridge...etc.)

  4. Talk with your travel companions about the vegan-focused events/restuarants..etc you wish to visit, especially if they aren't vegan too. Discuss what everyone what would like to get out of the trip

  5. Pack easily transportable snacks and medicine cabinet items

Take a listen to the episode and come back here to share your own takeaways. What's the most helpful bit of advice Rebecca had that will make your next trip easier or more fulfilling? Post it in the comments below!


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