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Finding Events - Earth Week

So far, I've talked about various issues harming our planet and how we can take action, both big and small to start correcting them, but what about coming together as a community? Today's blog is quick and easy, find an Earth Day event near you and get out there!

Links to find local events

  • Earth Day official site. I'm not finding their search process to be great, but, if you can get the map to hone in on your area you should be able to find something local - you can also search for online events as well

  • Check out your state or county website. For example, New Jersey has a site for Earth Day which includes lists of events, click here

  • If you have a university nearby, check out their events too, they may be open to the public or they may arrange events like local cleanups where the public can join in as well.

  • If you belong to a faith based organization, many hold Earth Day cleanups or events, be sure to check their calendars or check in with an organizer

  • Join Earth Day Live - it's virtual!

Create your own event!

  • Hold a screening of an environmental documentary at your home for friends

  • Organize a local clean up - check with your municipality to ensure the location you want to clean up is available for you to do so

  • Go Vegan - not really an event, but certainly an important action you can take (more on this in an upcoming blog!)

What are you doing for Earth Day? Tell me in the comments below.

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