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Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2023!! How are we feeling? There's a lot of pressure around the New Year, isn't there? We just spent a month in the chaos that is the holiday season and now we're supposed to suddenly become different people because the calendar has changed over? To that I say, nuh-uh. We can choose to make changes in our lives at any time of the year, at any date on the calendar. If a new year feels fresh and exciting for you, the perfect time to tackle something new, do it. If you're feeling pressured to change simply because that's what's expected, I invite you to give yourself some grace and then tell that pressure to get lost.

From a personal perspective, I am very much still working on the things I was working on in 2022 and that's okay. Some things persist and we keep trying new things until something clicks.

From a business perspective, I am enhancing some things that I was doing in 2022 while adding in a couple of new pieces. I'm also keeping some things that really worked for me. As a reminder, we don't have to throw away things that worked for us simply because it's a new year, sometimes keeping some things the same is how we're able to grow elsewhere.

One thing you'll notice is I am again participating in the January Ultimate Blog Challenge. The Ultimate Blog Challenge or UBC is a quarterly challenge which encourages participants to create more blog content and to engage with other bloggers. This helps us gain new perspectives and reach new and/or wider audiences. It's completely free and a total blast to participate in. The guidelines include blogging 31 times in the 31 days of January, it's a challenge but it's also incredibly rewarding. So, why not join me?!

A quick hello to my fellow UBCers, those returning and those participating for the first time. I'm excited to check out what you're up to! Say hello in the comments!

What kind of blog content can you expect over the course of January? I'm so glad you asked! The Did You Bring the Hummus podcast is back with Season 3, kicking off tomorrow, so you'll see some blogs about the episodes and the incredible vegans I interviewed, as well as vegan related tips, tricks, and coaching, and Healing Circle related things like Moon Cycles, meditations, and more.

Have you heard of Veganuary? Veganuary is an annual movement to encourage people to try vegan for the month of January. It's completely free and absolutely incredible. In conjunction with Veganuary, I am offering a supplemental program to help you really dive deep and get the support you need to try vegan in January and keep going vegan beyond these 31 days. My program is also free and there will be blogs shared specific to what we're working on in the group but if you want the really good stuff, like weekly live calls via Zoom, you gotta sign up! Click the photo above for more info.

What are you most excited for this month? Tell me in the comments below!

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