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Harnessing Full Moon Energy

Are you ready for the Full Moon this Saturday? The full moon is a great time to look at what is happening in your life, especially things that are maybe only now coming to light (as the full moon shines on them.) Things that were in the dark during the New Moon are now available for you to see, to work through, and/or embrace. You can start this work today, ahead of the full moon and can continue 3 days beyond it too.

Full Moon energy is all about releasing what is no longer serving us. This month's full moon is in Libra, which means finding balance and harmony will be extremely powerful. Collaboration will come more easily to us during this phase. This moon also brings in incredible grounding energy, if you've been feeling a bit spacey lately, you're likely to find yourself feeling more stable this weekend. We're in a good space this weekend to also release the heaviness of winter and consider the rebirth we'd like to experience this spring.

This weekend's moon isn't just full, it is called both the Wind Moon and the Pink Moon, and if that wasn't powerful enough for you, it is also a Super Moon - meaning it is closer to Earth and so appears larger and brighter, and thus, even more powerful when we choose to harness her energy. The Wind Moon speaks to the spring winds which carry the seeds to new places and start new life. The Pink Moon is all about the pink wildflowers which are blooming in North America during this time.

How can we harness this incredible lunar energy?

  • Meditation

  • Spell Work

  • Journaling

  • Sound Baths

  • Sitting outside in the moonlight (or even at the time the moon is fullest - 2:55pm ET, you won't be able to see the moon, but we know she's there)

  • Make moon water

Make Moon Water?

Yup! You simply fill a clear glass container with water and place it out in the moonlight during a full moon. Ideally, you want to bring it in before the sun hits it. You can use the moon water in cooking, baths, spells, wherever you want to infuse with the full moon energy. Of course, if you plan to consume the water, you'll want to make sure you start with clean, drinkable water, and that you cover it so no bugs or dirt fall in during the night.

You can also make moon water in your house if you have a window where the moonlight streams in, just place your containers in front of that window overnight. I often make moon water and charge my crystals on my nightstand since the moonlight streams right in our bedroom windows.

If you'd like to harness the full moon energy with a group, join my Healing Circle this Saturday, at 7pm ET. Learn more and sign up here

Do you have any practices you regularly do around a full moon? Tell me about them below!

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