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How did you come up with "Did You Bring the Hummus"?

I get this question a lot, mostly after the person asking has laughed or smiled and told me how much they love the name or, more importantly, how much they love hummus.

It started in September 2020 as I was preparing for my next Toastmasters speech. I decided to try my hand at the podcast project. It was so different from the other projects at that level and it scared me a bit. (This is pretty much where I live these days, somewhere between curious and frightened.) The project required the speaker to create 60 minutes of content and post is where the general public could access it, I figured, if I have to create this much content, I better talk about something I love. If you haven't yet listened to Did You Bring the Hummus you might be thinking, wow, this woman really loves hummus, and you're right, I do, but DYBTH is about so much more than that. The mission of Did You Bring the Hummus is to inspire others to go vegan through meaningful and judgement free conversation, it started and continues as a podcast but has also grown into a so much more. Did You Bring the Hummus features a podcast, live weekly shows through Virtual VegFest Live, one on one and group coaching, classes, reiki, crystal healing, and more. I take a wholistic approach to helping the vegan-curious make the lifestyle change. Being vegan is more than what you eat and since veganism addresses all aspects of your life, so do I.

Back to where the title of the podcast and now, my company name, originated. Vegans are known for bringing their own food to parties, sometimes the host requests we do so because they have no idea what to feed us, other times, we want to showcase how tasty vegan food is. One of the easiest ways to bond with other humans is over food, it’s an incredibly comforting way to connect, be open, and to experience something new. When we look at cultures around the world, the food they eat is significant, it goes beyond nourishment of the body, think of all of the conversations you’ve had over a meal. I needed a catchy name and had recently seen this meme, I can’t count the times I showed up at s party with a tub of hummus and pita chips, thus, Did You Bring the Hummus was born.

As you read above, Did You Bring the Hummus is much more than a fun name. I first went vegetarian 20 years ago after reading an issue of PETA’s Animal Times magazine, you can learn more about that in my first podcast episode linked below. After becoming a Certified Professional Coach in 2017, I knew I wanted to be of service to others but couldn’t quite nail down how. The podcast project changed everything, it gave me a focus, and as I spoke to people and answered questions about going vegan, I saw a real opportunity to help those who want to embark on this lifestyle. My goal is always to ensure anyone feels safe and comfortable to talk to me about all things vegan, even (especially) when they are struggling, overwhelmed, or feeling discouraged. Being vegan has been the most beautiful way to live my life, I am so thankful for the opportunity to help others discover this too.

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