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Long Nights Moon

This month's full moon is called the Long Nights Moon as this moon is visible for more hours of the night than any other full moon throughout the year. This moon, as all other moons, has many names, including Cold Moon and Big Winter Moon. Since Samhain, many of us have been assessing our year, what worked for us, where do we need or want to change, what we are proud of, and what we need to let go, this month's full moon continues to support us in that process.

This full moon in Gemini while Mercury and Venus are in Capricorn create an energy space to allow for release and transformation. Full moons are always a great time to let go and this month is no exception.


If you are uncertain what it is that needs releasing, you may wish to try your hand at scrying. I like scrying because we tap into our higher selves, our greater knowing, and the symbols, images, or messages we receive are very personal to us. We also don't necessarily need a background in other divination symbols (like Tarot, Runes...etc.)

Start by choosing your scrying tool of choice. You can use a crystal ball, of course, but if you don't have one, any transparent crystal should work for you. You can gaze into a candle flame, a bowl of water, clouds in the sky, black or silver mirrors, you get the idea. A physical safety warning about crystal balls, should you choose to procure one, when not in use they must always be covered, if the sun hits the ball the right way it could start a fire.

Next, get grounded. There are many grounding meditations you can find on YouTube, you can also connect by standing outside barefoot on the grass for a few moments. Either while standing outside, or sitting inside and visualizing standing in the grass, you can take deep breaths and imagining your feet growing roots which hold you firmly but do not restrict you. When you feel that grounded energy swirling within you, you can get started.

Set your intention. Be open. In this case, we're looking for guidance on what we need to release during this full moon cycle. Ask for guidance from your higher self. You may wish to say something as simple as "Thank you for showing me what I need to know or need to release."

You'll want to look towards but almost beyond the scrying tool you are using. Allow your eyes to lose focus, release expectations, just be. Sit for as long as you are comfortable. Whatever comes to you is right on time. When you feel your session is complete, take some time to journal. Even if you feel as if you haven't received any messages, write about the experience, something may come out as you journal.

To close the session, thank those who have provided you guidance in this session. You can always call on Archangel Michael to correct for any human error and close any doors/portals which may have opened.

Depending on your experience, you may need to ground again. You can do so through another meditation or taking an epsom salt bath. After any kind of energy work or even tapping into our higher selves, I always recommend drinking water. Make sure you stay hydrated. 😃

Would you prefer to be led through a meditation around this full moon energy? Are you looking for the power and energy of a group? Join me this Tuesday, for my Full Moon Healing Circle where we'll cut cords, meditate, journal, and process all we have received through angelic reiki. Click the image below to sign up, hope to see you there!!

What are you releasing this month? Will you try scrying? Let me know in the comments.

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Safrianna Lughna
Safrianna Lughna
05 dic 2022

Beautiful post! I love the practical advice about crystal balls! I hadn't thought of that. I love to do fire scrying.l

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