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No Oil? I can promise you, that’s not gonna happen...

Today, I am joined by Deb and Jason DeSalvo of Cold Brook Farm located in Oldwick, New Jersey.

Jason is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Strategic Outpatient Services, Inc. in 1995, a company specializing in the development and management of outpatient Positron Emission Tomography centers and is currently serving as the Company’s CEO.

Jason has served on non-profit Boards including Ethos Farm Project, Coral Reef Alliance, Tewksbury Land Trust, Jazz House Kids and Hoop-A-Paluza; also served as Vice Chairman of Montclair, New Jersey’s Planning Board while a resident there.

Deb is currently working as a farmer and gardener on their net-zero regenerative farm, Cold Brook Farm. She is a member of the board of trustees for Raritan Headwaters Association, an organization protecting the 470-square mile watershed of the North and South branches of the Raritan River.

Deb and Jason lived in Montclair, New Jersey for almost 30 years, where they raised their two children, Steven and Julia. While there, Deb worked as an environmental educator at Van Vleck House and Gardens and in the Montclair Public Schools. She is a Master Gardener and for a short period of time baked in a local tea shop.

At Cold Brook, they regeneratively farm heirloom grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables. 

These two are absolutely adorable and their story winds together beautifully. In this episode you’ll hear lots of love, compassion for others and our environment, inspiration, and a heck of a lot more. Jason and Deb also cover how to kindly manage changing relationships as you embark on a new way of living, how to be better stewards of our planet, and their hummus recipe!

You're going to love this episode! Check it out by clicking here or the image above.

To connect with Jason and Deb:

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Did You Bring the Hummus is available on your favorite podcast app and my website.

I'm really excited for Spring so I can start phasing out my lawn and start bringing in native plants. What is one of your takeaways from this episode? Tell me in the comments below!


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