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Samhain - Silent Supper

If you checked out the comments in yesterday's blog, Safrianna shared her plans for a Silent Supper (how amazing does her menu sound!?!)

So, what is a Silent Supper and why on Samhain?

What is it? A Silent Supper is a dinner prepared with love (and maybe a bit of magick 😉) and eaten in silence. You set a place for your ancestors, not just an open chair, but a plate of food and a drink as well. Before setting the table, you'll want to create a sacred space. You may wish to cast a circle or use visualization to create such a space. When creating a sacred space for reiki, I visualize a bright white light streaming over the space, clearing it of any energies no longer needed. I do this in my kitchen too before I begin cooking, even on a regular day, it's really nice to have a clear space to work in. Energy is all around us, it's helpful to invite in the good stuff.

As the name suggests, this is a silent and solemn occasion. If you are inviting guests, you may wish to invite them to bring a note or item that symbolizes what they would like to shared with their deceased loved ones. The notes are not shared or discussed, guests should feel free to share whatever they need to share within the notes. They are also encouraged to bring a photo or photos of those with whom they wish to connect/honor.

If you have many spirits to honor, a place setting for each one is not likely an option, reserving one seat for the spirits is still a beautiful way to honor them. Place a lit candle at that place setting. As guests enter the room, each may wish to stop at the place setting for the spirits and silently share any thoughts or prayers. Each guest will have the option to bring their note to the candle at the Spirit place setting and while focusing on the note, burn it. (Be sure this is done safely! Have a cauldron or some other fire proof vessel to catch the paper.) At the end of the meal, guests may wish to visit the Spirit place setting again and say goodbye.

Why at Samhain? A good reason to hold such a dinner on Samhain is because this is the evening when it is believed that the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest, making communication with your ancestors that much easier.

Samhain is also known as the Witches' New Year, we'll talk more about that in tomorrow's blog. There will also be Samhain recipes coming too!

I am so excited to hold my first Silent Supper this year, everything about it feels so reverent and beautiful. Does this resonate with you? If not, how will you spend Samhain? Are you celebrating Halloween? Tell me about that too!


I am holding a Samhain Healing Circle on Sunday, 10/30, at 8pm ET and would love to have you join! Healing Circles are always held via Zoom. Feel free to ask questions below and when you're ready, sign up here.

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