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The Healing Circle

A couple of times a month, you'll see me posting about The Healing Circle. I share a bit of information about it in the posts, but it really is something to be experienced. As this is a month of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and there are readers here new to me and what I do, I thought I would write a bit about the Healing Circle. In an upcoming blog, I'll share some ways you can tap into a connection to the universe and world around you, even without being a reiki practitioner or angel guide. Hang onto your hats, we're gonna get into the "woo" in this blog.

The first Healing Circle was held on February 22, 2022 (02/22/2022) via Zoom. In fact, all Healing Circles are held via Zoom so you don't need to be local to get in on this. That's the nice thing about energy work, we don't need to be in the same physical space to share and receive energy healing. Intention is everything, so, when I tune in and connect to my guides, who then connect to your guides, energy flows and what needs to be received is. Simple as that! 😉

The Healing Circle blends my training in coaching, crystals, meditation, reiki (Usui & Angelic), and the angels to create an inviting, healing, and safe virtual space. After pulling an Oracle card for each attendee, we begin every Healing Circle with a slow grounding meditation. I always have a general idea of where I'm going with it but the meditation comes to me as we settle in as it serves those attending that session.

After grounding, we move into bringing in the angels and cord cutting with Archangel Michael. This practice allows us to release connections to people, situations, and emotions that no longer serve us. This helps makes space for what we are ready to receive during the meditation and reiki session.

Following the cord cutting, we have a quick talk about the current moon cycle or holiday and anything else that comes up. We then move into a visualization where you connect with your higher self and can ask questions and receive guidance.

From there we move into angelic reiki which takes us to the end of the session. During the reiki you may receive downloads or guidance, you may begin to process what has come up, but you also may just move into a place of relaxation. Trust that whatever comes up (or doesn't) is perfect for you in that moment.

As the session ends I invite the group back into the space, we do a few stretches in our chairs and you can then head off into the rest of your night.

It's pretty incredible to hear when we reach the end of a session or to receive an email after from an attendee who tells me that I said something they really needed to hear in the session and they are now able to take a next step or work on a relationship, or that the meditation was exactly what they were looking for, or, I repeated something word for word someone else said to them earlier that day even though I don't know the person who said the thing. When we're open to it, we can see things aligning, we can receive messages from ourselves that guide us to a clearer tomorrow.

I hope you'll check out an upcoming Healing Circle (tonight's perhaps?). If you have questions feel free to leave them in the comments below or schedule a Discovery Call with me. Discovery Calls are never sales calls, you can view and book all of my offerings right on my website, so, if you have questions about me, what I do, or anything I offer, that call is the best way to get them answered.

Book the Healing Circle by clicking the image or here

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