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The Power of Digital Marketing

How can digital marketing make us more effective activists? Is AI the scary concept so many make it out to be? Can we make money and still be committed to the vegan movement?

In today's episode, I am joined by Sam Tucker of VegCatalyst where we discuss these questions and many more.

From Sam's bio: SamTucker is the Co-Founder & CEO of VegCatalyst, a social enterprise dedicated to helping accelerate the spread of veganism through digital marketing. VegCatalyst is the parent company to Vegan Creative Compass (a vegan digital marketing agency), Vegan Media Market (a vegan freelancer marketplace), VEG3 (a vegan artificial intelligence marketing tool) and Vegcademy (an online learning platform for vegan businesses and animal charities). Sam has been vegan and heavily involved in animal rights activism for more than 14 years, spending 5 of those working full-time for the nonprofit group Vegan Outreach.

By the end of this episode, you'll feel empowered to get your own vegan message out into the world. And, if you have a vegan business, you now know of an incredible digital marketing company that can not only get your message out there effectively, but also totally understands the what and the why behind your message, your business, and you.

How to connect with Sam:

His website VegCatalyst

Follow him on Instagram and Facebook, and LinkedIn

Check out Sam's Podcast Vegcademy on your favorite podcast app and YouTube.

If you're unfamiliar with Skynet, click here.


How to listen to this episode of Did you Bring the Hummus podcast:

Right here on my website

Or, your favorite podcast app (Apple, Spotify, Google...etc.) just type in Did You Bring the Hummus and click on subscribe!

If you love the podcast, why not join my Did You Bring the Hummus Podcast Fan Group on Facebook? It's free! You also get to meet other fans and have a direct connection with me!

Did you check out the episode? What did you think? Have questions for me or Sam? Post them in the comments below!


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